Motorize Products: Customer Surveys

What's the difference between a store that performs well, and a store that performs exceptionally? Knowledge.

Introducing Motorize Surveys - Painless Customer Intelligence

Motorize Surveys - Survey Screen

Motorize Surveys is a tool that gives you the ability to painlessly gather valuable customer intelligence before you bring them into the F&I office. With this tool, you'll be able to:

  • Expose customers to visual aids and information about the F&I products you sell, which puts customers at ease about purchasing products.
  • Determine demographic data about your customers that will allow you to customize each individual Motorize F&I Menu to maximize your sales with minimal effort to push products.
  • Give customers something to do while waiting to enter the F&I office that keeps them focused but doesn't feel forced.

Like all of Motorize's products, Motorize Surveys has been designed to be extremely easy to use, and requires less than 10 minutes of training to be up and running throughout all of your dealerships.

How Does it Work?

  1. After your customers have taken their test drive and have decided to purchase the vehicle, but before they've walked into the F&I office, a salesperson or F&I Manager comes over to the customers and hands them a tablet (or moves them over to a computer or kiosk) and offers them to take the survey, or view product information.
  2. While the customers are using the tablet or kiosk, their survey answers and what visual aids they've viewed – along with the length of time they've viewed them – is being transmitted into the Motorize F&I Menu for that specific customer.
  3. After the customer has finished with the survey and viewing visual aids, the F&I Manager opens up the menu created for that specific customer, and in the "Deal Info" area, opens up the new "Survey Results" tab. There, they will find the answers that customers have provided to the survey questions, along with which visual aids they viewed and for how long they viewed them.

What Kind of Device(s) Are Needed to Use Motorize Surveys?

Because Motorize Surveys was designed to be web-based, it truly can work on any PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet, or Windows Surface tablet that is on the market today.