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Motorize Buy Online Process

Our Motorize Buy Online process allows customers to complete their entire buying experience from their computer. They are able to evaluate their payment options to determine their ideal down payment, loan and monthly payments. They can also choose from your offered Finance & Insurance products to protect their purchase. Requests from buyers flow directly into your existing CRM and credit processing back end tools. However, we also go the extra step to allow you to use the information to create real financing offers to send back to the buyer.

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Motorize Credit Application

Credit ApplicationOur credit application service allows customers to submit real credit applications that flow directly into your credit application processing back end tools (RouteOne, DealerTrack, DealerCentric) so you don't have to manually copy them. The information also flows into your CRM system so you can manage customers exactly as you always have. You also have the option for as many people as you want to be notified by email and even text message when new requests arrive.

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Motorize Mobile Application for iPhone

Our mobile application lets potential buyers search your inventory, compare prices, and even fill out a credit application from anywhere from the one thing they're never without, their mobile phone. These applications flow directly into your existing credit processor back end tools. You can even create financing offers and the buyers will receive notifications through their mobile phone, where they can review the offer and complete their purchase from anywhere.

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