About Motorize

The Motorize Mission

Founded in 2008, the Motorize.com platform represents the next generation in automotive e-commerce. By integrating our proprietary platform with an automotive dealer's online website and offline financing and sales processes, we are able to provide consumers with a true automotive e-commerce experience and dealers with a new sales channel that maximizes dealer ROI and customer satisfaction.

Motorize for Dealerships

Motorize provides dealers with the tools necessary to engage online shoppers in the medium they have selected – the internet. Through our integrated customer facing deal dashboard, product and financing menus and My Garage features, dealers are able to transact in real time with consumers online – thereby increasing sales opportunities and decreasing transaction costs. The Motorize platform supplements the dealer's current sales processes by opening up an entirely new sales and communication channel with the consumer.

Motorize for Consumers

Beyond simple pre-approval or lead generation, the Motorize platform allows consumers to search for and choose their desired vehicle, estimate trade-in value, qualify for and arrange financing, shop for products to protect their investment, and arrange to complete a purchase -- all from the comfort of their home. And this is not a broker, or concierge service. The Motorize solution allows consumers to interact with professionals from the actual licensed dealership from which the vehicle will be purchased.

Our Industry Partners & Clients Include: