Motorize your Sales!

Increased F&I Sales. Decreased Frustration.

  • The Motorize F&I Menu is so easy to use that it only requires 30 minutes of hands-on training before you'll be setting up custom menus on your own.
  • Built with proven user experience research, Motorize's products offer a significantly more intuitive and easy-to-comprehend system than our competitors.
  • Using a modern design and knowledge gained from years of F&I sales experience, the Motorize Menu appeals to the new generation of informed buyers without leaving the previous generation behind.
  • Using a combination of over 30 years of auto industry knowledge and modern user experience design techniques, the Motorize Menu has a proven track record of increasing PRU & PPU significantly.

  • Through our strategic partnerships, our products and services meet compliance guidelines from AFIP and other accredited organizations.
  • Our Menu displays highly accurate payment and loan information and is transparent to your customers.
  • The Motorize Menu can setup custom packages in as fast as 15 seconds using our "Quickstart" option.
  • Our Dashboard gives you an immediate, real-time view of your current sales figures, as well as a breakdown of sales by product.